what is chosen youth

Chosen Youth was built on the idea of providing a safe and structured home for youth in troubled situations. These young people are often in need of a nurturing and safe environment. We seek to surround them with loving and caring adults who will support them, set expectations, and help them reach their potential. We also strive to provide a sense of well-being and positive self-worth, while demonstrating unconditional love and ultimately, giving them a place to call home.

Our Programs

My Connection

This is an incentive based program in which each girl will have access to a smart phone so they can stay connected with their friends and family via text, voice or social media; as well as have access to internet.

Extra Earnings

This program is also incentive based, in which each resident can earn extra allowance for tasks performed at home or at school. Each resident will receive a $30 regular monthly allowance. They have the freedom to use their allowance however they choose or save it for something bigger.

Build Me Up

A program designed to improve self-esteem, self-awareness and self-motivation. Each month the executive director will meet with each resident and discuss their short and long term goals, progress in school, progress with their family and personal life, and ensure that they stay on track to graduate high school and work towards college.

Y.E.S.(Young Entrepreneur Society)

is an organization that offers small business opportunities for youth. Residents will be offered membership into Y.E.S. Each resident who chooses to become a member and maintains good academic and behavioral standing will be offered a position to gain valuable social and entrepreneurial skills.

Women of Excellence Mentoring

A program that will pair each resident with a mentor from within the community, such as a female physician, teacher, lawyer, engineer, hair stylist, or business owner. They will be allowed to participate in either weekly or monthly activity. The activity is designed to be fun, a break away from school and home.

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Detailed program info

My Connection Detail

Cellular data plan and wi-fi will be available and paid for by Chosen Youth as long as each resident adheres to a specific set of rules and regulations, which includes parental monitoring of ALL social media. This benefit can also be taken away when rules are broken or not adhered to. The idea behind my connections is to allow each girl to not get “disconnected” from their normal lives and staying in contact with those that make them feel like individuals living in a group environment. It is also important for the girls to have a sense of normal teenage life, and while having a cell phone is a luxury, it has very much become the norm in society. It is our hope that this will foster positive behavior in school and at home.

Extra Earnings Detail

Extra Earnings gives the residents an additional $10 per month for positive behavior and making good choices. A system is designed where each resident will know how much they have earned by the end of the month, they can have money taken away for negative behavior or making poor choices. A behavior chart system will be kept on file and the program director, house parent and direct care staff will be responsible for keeping accurate records. During their initial orientation each resident will be provided a list of positive behavior and choices that will allow them to keep their Extra Earnings. This will also allow us to keep track of behavior that will apply to their annual incentive program.

Build Me Up Detail

Each resident will be given a monthly worksheet to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, and how they have shown growth/improvement. An annual award trip is also available to those doing well academically, behaviorally and socially that will be evaluated by their meetings with the executive director and their records through Extra Earnings to help determine if they qualify. The annual awards trip may include a weekend trip to a theme park, New York or Los Angeles themed trip, or weekend cruise getaway. It is the goal of the Executive director that the entire house will go on the trip together, and this will be conveyed in an effort for each resident to encourage each other to stay on track.

Y.E.S.(Young Entrepreneur Society) Detail

Each member can earn $100/month for their participation in the organization and the work they provide in their assigned internships. Internships will be with approved vendors/Business owners, or members of the community that have successfully passed background checks and application process. The internship may also take place in the home and help the Executive Director, Scheduling Coordinator, Program Manager or House Parent. Residents will gain skills that they can utilize in real world experiences and be exposed to private business owners who will guide them on how to run and operate their own business.

Women of Excellence Mentoring

It is also designed to allow each resident to have some time to feel like an individual and have a special relationship that is separate from their relationship with the house parent and direct care staff. It is important for individualism and having this time to feel special and have the undivided attention of someone who cares for them and believes in them. This relationship will foster hope and love, as well as promote leadership, education and service.